The Good Shepherd Food Bank wants everybody to know that you asking for their help is what they are here for.  Also know, you are not alone in your food insecurities.

During 2020, Good Shepherd Food Bank gave out 2 million more meals than any other year, according to an interview with Newscenter Maine on Sunday.  Altogether, the statewide organization gave out over 27 million meals to Maine people last year.

Food insecurity has become unprecedented during the pandemic and Good Shepherd Food Bank has been on the front lines serving meals, creating tens of thousands of food boxes and here to help Mainer's in their time of need.

The organization is reaching out to the community for us to keep an eye on our neighbors, families and friends to ensure that no person in our state goes hungry.

The Good Shepherd Food Bank has a great resource for those providing food boxes and meals in your area.  The list from the Good Shepherd Food Bank website includes what kind of site it is (food pantry vs. meal sites), the name of the organization, location information, phone number, hours of operation and operational notes about each listing.  The 300+ listings run across all counties of Maine.

We all know how difficult this time is for everybody, please don't let a meal pass you by.

If you are looking to help out with Good Shepherd Food Bank's mission, visit their website to sign up for volunteering and donating opportunities, including area businesses to become a partner agency for Good Shepherd Food Bank's cause.


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