Has Maine has been a popular universal pit stop this year? According to reports, UFO sightings have been pouring in around the state.

Today is World UFO Day, or at least one of them. July 2, 1947 commemorates the historic Roswell Incident. Some celebrate the day on June 24. It was on that date in 1947 when aviator Kenneth Arnold's sighting became what's considered to be the first widely reported UFO sighting the United States.

In honor of this day, we took a look at reported UFO sightings here in Maine. According to UFO tracking website, UFOStalker.com, there's been many bizarre sights in the sky across the state. So far there's been 9 reports (that we found) of UFO's in Maine this year. Three Bangor area UFO sightings caught our eye.

Like this one, reported in Bucksport. Here's the summery of what this person saw on Feb. 7:

Saw the craft from my upstairs window at 5am this morning and it was round white with sparkle lights all over it flashing on and off. I watched it for several minutes and it was just sitting in the sky above the trees.

On March 23 in Brewer someone reported seeing this:

Speaking on the phone i looked up and saw red flashes that would last for a second or two and then disappear. They appeared as spark like, red in color and had a squiggly tail. they would appear and disappear very quickly in in the same general area but never in the exact same location. after a few moments i say two reddish orange orbs stationary side by side. after a few moments they started drifting northward. at that point i went inside. my interpretation was that these two craft were breaking through a barrier to materialize hence the flashes before their appearance.

Lastly, on Jan. 28, someone in Ellsworth reported seeing a strange triangular object in the evening sky.

It seems Vacationland is a universe-wide travel destination.

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