A woman who was convicted of aggravated assault for stabbing two people at Bangor Mall has been arrested again.

Elizabeth Ellis was arrested on Monday for allegedly throwing large rocks at vehicles on Hammond Street, according to Bangor police.

Responding officers found two parked vehicles that were damaged with dents and scratches. Around the vehicles, police found several football-sized rocks on the ground that they believe came from a nearby retaining wall. She's charged with criminal mischief and violating her probation. Sergeant Wade Betters told us that if the damage to the vehicles totals out to more than $2,000, the criminal mischief charge could be elevated to a felony.

Ellis was sentenced to three years in prison for the stabbings that took place in a Bangor Mall bathroom in 2015. She's been serving her six year probation order since her release from prison in February of 2018.

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