It's all about the 49ers versus Kansas City in Miami this weekend but some of us are really looking forward to commercials.  The funny ones, the ones that bring a tear to the eye, the ones that stun us with crazy effects- it's the biggest television event of the year with over 103 million people watching last year.

For some reason, some companies choose to let the cat out of the bag days before the game even starts and we're going to take full advantage of that.  Some, however, will only feed us a morsel to get us through the week until the official air date coming up on Sunday to reveal their most expensive marketing asset of the year.

Here's a few commercials with some true star power that will be aired during the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday.

Hyundai- featuring Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and Big Papi

DORITOS - teaser featuring Lil Nas X and Sam Eliott

Cheetos - featuring MC Hammer

Little Ceasers- teaser featuring Rainn Wilson




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