Bangorians are usually great people, but some have been exceptional! Therefore, we think Bangor needs its own Walk of Fame.

Here's who (in alphabetical order) we think should receive a star on what is sure to become another tourist attraction to the city. Let's run it up Main Street all the way to the Bangor Opera House.

Of course, there are many more names we could add to this list. We're thinking of more even as we write this. If you have some you'd like to see on the Walk of Fame, let us know.

  • 1

    John Baldacci


    For serving as Maine governor for two terms. Born in raised in Bangor, John Baldacci was Maine's 73rd governor. He also served as a Bangor city councilor, state senator and congressman. While we're at it, we think John's late mother, Rosemary, a.k.a Momma Baldacci, should get a star too for that Chicken Parmesan. We miss it!

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  • 2

    Paul Bunyan


    For letting people know they are in Bangor and for providing the best photo op in the city. Hear that, Bemidji? He's ours. Deal with it.

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  • 3

    Joshua Chamberlain

    War hero

    For his bravery at Gettysburg. We know the famed Civil War general hails from across the river in Brewer, but he did study at the Bangor Theological Seminary. Good enough for us.

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  • 4

    Bill Cohen


    For political service. Born and raised in Bangor, the former Bangor mayor, U.S. senator and secretary of defense spent his early years at his parents business the Bangor Rye Bread Co. One of the city's middle schools in named in his honor.

  • 5

    Susan Collins


    For representing Maine in Washington for many years. Even though she was born in Caribou, she lives right in Little City. You might even seen her at the grocery store sometime.

    Brendan Smialowski, Getty Images
  • 6

    Richard 'Dick' Curless


    For his deep voice, quick fingers on the guitar, and hit songs like his 1965 charting single "Tombstone Every Mile." Curlless lived in Bangor for a time before his death in 1995.

  • 7

    Howie Day


    For being born in Bangor so we can say a famous pop singer is from here, and for your delightful singles "Collide" and "She Says." His parents own Nicky's Cruisin' Diner on Union Street.

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  • 8

    Eddie Driscoll


    For creating the first live television programs for children and inspiring people like Stephen King. He was a television pioneer and one funny guy.

  • 9

    Duck of Justice

    Stuffed duck

    For keeping this city safe and smiling. If Donald Duck gets a star in Hollywood, so does the Duck of Justice. We think his partner in crime, Bangor Police Department Sgt. Tim Cotton, should attend the ceremony.

    Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook
  • 10

    Bill Green


    For telling us all sorts of stories about Maine. Bill Green was born in Bangor and graduated from Bangor High School in 1971.

  • 11

    George Hale


    For being a friendly, familiar voice in the radio of Bangorians since 1953! Hale is a broadcasting icon to be sure. Above, he tells Danny Cashman about his first visit to Bangor.

  • 12

    Hannibal Hamlin


    For his service in our armed forces, as well as for serving as the first Vice President to Abraham Lincoln. There's a statue of him at the entrance to the Kenduskeag Parkway.

  • 13

    Everett S. 'Shep' Hurd

  • 14

    Zip Kellogg

    For being the most exciting part of the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race every year. He's always looking dapper, even when negotiating Six Mile Falls.

    Zip Kellogg
  • 15

    Stephen King

  • 16

    Bob Marley


    For doing the best Mainah accent, and not making fun of his birth city too much.

  • 17

    Sanford 'Sonny' Miller


    For opening and running Miller's, one of Bangor's favorite eateries of all time. People came from far and wide for the buffet. Mr. Miller passed away in 2009.

    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
  • 18

    Waldo Peirce


  • 19

    Francis ‘Skip’ Rist


    For making us delicious Coffee Pot sandwiches for 80 years. No, you couldn't buy coffee at the original Coffee Pot, but Rist's sandwiches had us lining up every lunch hour.

    Courtesy Jeff Kirlin
  • 20

    Mary S. Snow


    For being the first female superintendent of schools in Maine, and for creating the first school for teachers in the state. One of the city's elementary schools is named in her honor.

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