When you think about states that have a lot of wealthy residents, you probably don't immediately think of Maine, do you?  Your mind probably instantly jumps to California and New York.  Then, if you dig a little deeper, you might think of Hawaii, Nevada, or Virginia (because of its proximity to Washington DC).

But, what about Maine?  Who are the richest people in Maine and how much are they worth?

We've put together a list of the top 7 wealthiest people who live at least part of the year in Maine.  While you are probably familiar with some of the people on this list (because they are celebrities), there are a few that you have probably never heard of...

Take a look:

The 7 Richest "Mainers"

According to Money Inc, these are some of the richest people with ties to Maine.

Well, let's be honest, some of these people are not full time residents of the state, but all of them spend at least a good chunk of their time in the Pine Tree State.

We did take some liberties with the Money Inc list.  Some of their choices did not make much sense because the people only had a passing connection to the state.  For example, while he has vacationed here several times in the last few years, JJ Abrams' only lasting connection to the state is that his wife is originally from the Bangor / Brewer area.  As far as we know, he does not own property in Maine.

Which people on our list surprised you?  How many of these people have you heard of?  Let us know by sending us a message through our app or on social media.

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