Last Friday, a lull loomed over Maine which resulted following an internet and cable outage that did also include some power outages, as reported by the Bangor Daily News.  Spectrum had cut cable and internet services to Mainers, while CMP and Emera had reported power outages mainly due to the ice storm happening that day.

My story starts with a day of working, then doing afternoon chores that led me to come home to a house full of children, two of whom didn't have school that day due to a snow day, and no internet.

No one was killing anyone, there was one "I wish the internet would come back on" comment but- only one!  Somehow my kids had managed to get through by... ENTERTAINING THEMSELVES... without even being asked!

One of my favorite parts of an outage is when everybody starts texting everybody else- you got internet?"  It's kinda like, what if I did and you didn't?  What are you going to do?  Come over and use my internet?  So, funny.

I will say that hubs and I did take advantage of the situation by sharing a few family lores- telling the story of each child's day of birth and telling the story of mom and dad falling in love.

So, I have faith that the next outage- whenever that may be- will ultimately NOT end up with the end of the world.  And, now, I've gained a little more faith in humanity.

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