All of us who live here have had the experience of being introduced to someone, and at some point during the small talk, when they find out where you are from, there always seems to be a comment or question.

We took to our Facebook page and asked listeners to give their responses, and we got some pretty great answers! Also, some of them are hilarious.

Heather Basso
“Oh yeah, that’s in Canada, right?”

Tracey Anne
Have you ever seen a Moose? OR, do you have electricity?

Stacy M Guay
I had someone ask if we had running water and electricity.

April Seavey
At a Boston hospital my mom was asked, "Maine isn't that where people eat roadkill?" (in a snooty way) ... Umm no, we grocery shop and go to restaurants like everyone else...

Jamie Sinclair
I've been asked if we had electricity and indoor plumbing

Johnathan Lake
Where is the best place to buy lobster? Or what is up with the red hot dogs?

Bruce Worcester
its either "you must be having lobster all the time" or " do you know where Stephen King lives?"

Darcy J Dow
I moved to NY in 88 and I still have to explain what a door yard and a side board are.

Rebecka Cole
They ask about the cold & are surprised to find out our summers are warm.

Jeremy Locke
2 questions usually pop up. 1. Maine, that's a part of Canada rite? 2. How can you stand the winters?

Ivan Glidden
where is that is what I heard in Ft. Lauderdale

Heather Carney
Where is Maine?
Seriously. I’ve had people ask this.

Vincent Martin
Is that in the middle of the country?

Donald Thompson
My brother moved to Florida about 25 years ago and I don’t know if they teach history down there but I’ve encountered a few people down in Florida while visiting and I’ve heard:
1) what country is that in
2) do you still use outhouses …

Nick Souza
It’s always either, “Isn’t that Canada?” Or “ You ever meet Stephen King?”

Rita Bean
You have bears up there, right? Isn't that scary?

Laura Jordan
Where is Maine? Is that a state or country?

Barbara Rae Bowden Braley
Years ago when we lived overseas, I was asked “Maine? Where’s that”?

Jen Fairbrother
When I lived in Texas for a few years people would ask me, where is Maine? I’d say it’s just above the panhandle.

Kelly Kilton
When I shared that I was from Maine, the person excitedly jumped up and down and exclaimed, “You are from the country of Maine, by Germany, and you don’t have a German accent?! How do you not have an accent?”…

Tiffany Ashe
"Oh wow. Have you ever heard of Bar Harbor?" or "I knew someone who had a cousin whose friend was from Maine their name was xyz do you know them?"

Janet S Robbins
When I was in Utah someone asked me “so where do you paahk your caaah”

Terry Gaudette-Wood
How much snow do you get? How cold does it get?

Christopher Wilcox
I live in Nevada now and people always ask if I have met Stephen King. I worked at the Bangor YMCA while he was active on the board of directors and have met him several times.

Barry Lord
Must be cold up there.

Shelley Rosario
"You are from Maine? Do you know so and so?? " I don't know if people realize how big maine is

Amanda Danielle Seekins
Electricity and if all Maine women had beards also was like wow you have all your teeth from someone not from Maine

Jennifer Graham
They made fun of my use of the word, "wicked"

Jim Rockett
Oh I’ve been to Kittery or Bar Harbor. Geez

Erin Sawyer
I’ve been asked multiple times if it’s an island

Timothy Steeves
"I think I heard of that place" as if we're like a myth

Darraha Johnson
“Didn’t know maine girls were attractive.” And “are those your real teeth?”

Carissa Cotterly
I got asked what state Maine was in and if we still lived in igloos

Robin Michaud
They wanted to know if Maine was in Canada

Joyce McKay
Why I talk so strange, some people love it others kind of laugh.

Wendy Paul
“Does the interstate turn into a dirt road up north?”

Jennifer Favreau
Oh I know where that is, Canada- right

Diane Burgoyne
“Do you live in little cabins”

Mary Beede
You live with cows? Seriously

Jess Brown
“I knew you were from Maine the second you said wicked”

Lucille Rudnicki-Clark
Is that a state? Where is Maine? Isn’t that part of Canada?

Avid Fisher
How the hell do you live there!? Haha

Michelle White
Is that in Canada?

Kathy Lothrop Crise
Do you eat lobster for Thanksgiving?

Kelly Gifford-Brown
"Maine oh yeah, I heard everyone in Maine is related" or "is that part of Canada?"

Dustin Stanhope
I knew someone from bang er maine

Dusty A. Van Alstyne-Ireland
That's a State?

Jennifer Thayer
Do you have an outhouse?

Kathy Bridgham
Is that part of Canada?

Christina Anne
Isn't everyone like swingers there? Lol

Erica Johnson
Why do you talk funny

Aaron Baker
"oh you're from Maine?! Do you know _______?"

Scott Newhall

Chelsea Cirone
I was always asked "what do you even do in Maine?"

Tommy Burns
I'm not from Maine but I do have a question, how's your Lobster because I tell you Nova Scotia Canada lobster is way better!

Deborah Allen Tucker

Ariana Murray
Do you like apple cider?

Wedge Steele
"and you came HERE for cheaper rent?"

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