Enjoy Maine and help out the Maine Make a Wish Foundation.


V-Twin Cruisers Vacationland motorcycle club is once again helping Mainers with an awesome bike run. On June 6th (rain date June 19th) the V-Twin Cruisers are at it again helping those who need our help - Make a Wish Maine. The money raised at Wheels for Wishes goes directly to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. If you have a bike, love the sense of community, and want to have fun while doing a ton of good, mark your calendar for Sunday, June 6th.

Wheels for Wishes
V-Twin Cruisers

It will be about 40 miles with stops to, well...if you had a lot of coffee, and then back on the road. At Iron Tails, there will be live music and a chance to raise even more money! What are you doing that Sunday that could be more fun or more meaningful? Grab your bike, shine it up and meet up at Big Moose Harley Davidson in Portland for a life-changing ride!



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