Hello all....

WhaZ NewZ did something a little bit different this week. We noticed that Tundra, who has been a search and rescue dog for the Maine Warden's Service, was retiring after 10 years of service. And we wondered if anyone was throwing her a legit retirement party? Even the jerk in your office that no one likes, gets a cake and a card when they retire. So we thought Tundra deserved much more than that.

So Sarah and I got streamers, party plates and napkins, tablecloths, and the whole nine yards and set it up in our studio. Sadly, we didn't have Tundra, or a stand-in, so we didn't bother with dog treats or anything like that. But we did talk a lot abut how if Tundra was there, she would've received tons and tons of treats and belly scratches.

Becoming a rescue dog in this state comes with a great deal of training and multiple certifications. So if you think about it, if I compare myself to this wonder dog, I don't come close to stacking up. I've never saved a single life, I never finished college, and I certainly doubt I will put in the equivalent of 70 years worth of work at any job.

And of course we had to crown our winner of the Facebook Comment Of The Week! It came from Kim Thomas, who pretty much succinctly summed up what we were all thinking.

Congrats Kim!! Stop by anytime during regular business hours M-F to come pick up your sweet WhaZ NewZ mug!!

So again, congratulations to Tundra for a job well done, and a big shout out to her handler Jeremy Judd of the Maine Warden's Service for training her and keeping her going! you deserve a round of applause of your own.

Anyhow...until next week.... Stay cool, Bangor.


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