WhaZZup everybody? J Stew here...Boy oh boy...Have we got some things to discuss with you this week!

First off, what would you do if the king of the New England forest decided to pay you an up close visit? I for one would not have reacted nearly as calmly. That's mostly because I'm a big fraidy-cat. But Mooshy the Moose seemed pretty friendly, I have to admit.

Then we move onto the Dollar Store employee who was not about to cancel their Sunday plans and wait around for some inconsiderate co-worker to finally get their tardy booty through the door. We've all wanted to just peace out of work out of principle before, but rarely do we hear someone did.

Lastly, we put a Facebook post earlier this week about whether it annoys you when people call and leave voicemails.

Sarah and I both had our opinions, and y'all had many of your own on Facebook. Which leads us directly to our Facebook comment of the week from Debra Clark, who hit the nail right on the head!!!

And there's also some killer bonus footage this week. Sarah and I took a run over to Bangor Christian Schools, where the Junior Class was raising not only money for next year's senior trip, but also donating 25% of their proceeds to EMMC Cancer Care!

This was a great bunch of enthusiastic young adults, hosting an awesome event called Smash A Car For A Cause, and we got some sweet footage of Sarah and I, with the help of ace camera assistant/destroyer of windows, Vera, putting the boots, and bats, to a car in the Bangor Christian parking lot. Fun was had by all. Thanks guys!!

So just sit back, kick your feet up on your work desk, and let the magic roll. Also,



Your friends here at Z107.3.....

Stay cool Bangor....

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