If you have had vaccines in the past it doesn't mean you could still be protected now.  Plus, for evolving or acquired medical conditions, a new vaccine may be a good choice for you.  But, how do you know what you need without the hassle of contacting your doctor this instant?

Check out this quiz the Center for Disease Control put together to help you be aware of what vaccines you should have completed again or should consider due to an acquired condition or because you are just getting older.

Screenshot from cdc.org

I started taking the quiz thinking I'd have to stop and check medical records or something but it turns out I knew everything that was asked and it turns out that I need to check on these items the next time I have a check up with my doctor.  Just because they are on the list doesn't mean I haven't already updated my shots.  However, I'm not keeping track so, I'll talk to my doctor about this just to make sure.

Screenshot from CDC.org

Why not check it out?  These 11 questions could be an easy investment to keep your quality of life.