Harvey is a teacher and guide but takes on an amazing feat: the Appalachian Trail.  It's a journey that few people take.  It runs through 14 states along the east coast of the United States at nearly 2,200 miles long.

But, Harvey isn't one to just hike the trail.  His mission was to run it, and he did.

A film documenting his journey is due out this fall where he finishes his trek at Mt. Katahdin.  The trailer show a film about physical endurance and mental endurance but also features some incredible imagery of Harvey but also great cinematography of our State of Maine.

Our state claims the end of Harvey's the journey in which his final steps were made to end an amazing feat that resulted in an average of 40 miles traveled daily.

Check out this trailer for a film that's based on Harvey's journey traversing the Appalachian trail and finishing his amazing run in the wilderness of Maine.

To check out more about the film visit the website, RoadID.com.

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