If you've seen the iconic film Jurassic Park, a major storyline in the movie is that John Hammond and his engineers control the dinosaur population by making all the dinosaurs female. Dr. Ian Malcolm warns John Hammond that "life finds a way" which leads to Dr. Alan Grant discovering that dinosaurs have found a way to breed and lay eggs later in the flick. So what does any of that have to do with with a random find in a Maine cemetery? Depends on how much imagination you have.

Reddit via deskjessno23

Shared on Reddit by deskjessno23, this object was found inside a cemetery in the town of Waldoboro. The finder claims it was about the size of an ostrich egg, which may not be obvious from the pictures alone. At first glance, you'd have to believe it's an egg of some kind. As the poster mentioned, could it be some sort of eagle egg? Commenters inside the Reddit post shot that idea down for a variety of reasons, including the egg size and its lack of speckles. So if it's not an eagle egg and it's not an ostrich egg, what is it?

Reddit via deskjessno23

Another interesting idea could be that it's not an egg at all. Despite the object looking like it's hatched, it's entirely possible this was something like a plastic toy or ball that has been worn down by weather to the point of cracking. Sounds strange but if you stare at the photos long enough, you can talk yourself into it.

The answer is to this mystery is that there is no answer at all from amateurs. Experts, please stand up.

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