Excuse me, what is it again?

So what exactly is Haggis, the product produced locally by W.A. Bean & Sons here in Bangor, for McKean's, a company in Scotland?

Do you really want to know?  Well, okay, don't say we didn't warn you.

Overseas, traditional Scottish Haggis is a mixture of internal organs, like the lungs, liver, and heart of either a sheep, lamb or calf, suet, oats, herbs and spices.  It is then boiled within a bag which is made of either the animal's stomach or lung. Following that, the haggis is then baked and served with other seasonings. Here's a VIDEO that shows the best way to cook haggis.

Still with us?    Yes, some folks find haggis very tasty.

McKean's Scottish Haggis is a very popular dish on the other side of the Atlantic, and apparently is growing in popularity here in America.  But because of a law that was enacted back in 1971 here in the United States where it became illegal to import the lung of a sheep, McKean's struck a deal with W.A. Bean & Sons in Bangor to produce the product here.

W.A. Bean's fully cooked Haggis is made entirely of lamb, oatmeal, barley and salt, and you can be assured that it is a traditional Scottish dish, as one of the Bean's traveled to Scotland years ago to get it right.

Now that you know what haggis is and that it is made right here in Maine, would you give it a try?

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