Drive around Maine long enough, and you'll come across some strange signs and roadside attractions. From ridiculous warnings to a long standing poster of Tom Selleck in a shed, you really can see just about anything in Maine. Which brings us to the curious case of a sign spotted on a side street in Portland and shared on Reddit by Jestire.

Reddit via Jestire
Reddit via Jestire

On the surface, it looks like any other no trespassing sign that you've seen a million times before. But whomever put this sign up went the extra mile and had custom work done on to single out one individual, Paul Louis. Who is Paul Louis? What exactly did Paul Louis do that necessitated someone to make a custom no trespassing sign? Unfortunately, we don't have the answers but desperately want to know them.

It could be all just a joke. Some inside jab at a friend or family member that wasn't posted on the side building for any passerby to truly understand. It also could be something far more serious that we probably shouldn't poke fun at.  If you're interested in laying eyes on this sign for yourself,  we do know where it is located. There's an apartment building right next to Veranda Thai Cuisine and Beal's Ice Cream along Veranda Street in Portland. You can't miss it unless of course your name is Paul Louis. If it is, you should most definitely steer clear.

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