We work really hard around here sometimes. Others, we sit around and make each other laugh until someone decides it's actually time to knuckle down and get some work done. We got to chatting and wondering this afternoon...What would Maine Valentine hearts have on them?

I chose to source ideas from here in the office, and on my Facebook page. Heck, my office mate and I came up with a bunch. Some we can print, some not. But all in the spirit of good fun. Here's a couple examples:

My friends on Facebook have kept this going all afternoon as I was writing this. So good. All of them. I really wish I could've used all of them, but some were just not remotely work appropriate. But, it really makes me wonder, how come someone doesn't do this? Maybe it's my million dollar idea, who knows?

By the way, big shout out to our digital guru Jeff Tuttle for help with images. And to my friends in real life and on Facebook, Salli Wason and Tanya Kelly for specific help with text ideas. Sometimes it takes a village to get the job done!

Maybe you can't get rich from something that only comes around once a year, but what's more important is that love is in the air. With all the negativity day to day in this world, it's nice to be able to laugh. And that's how this started today, because a bunch of people were sitting around work, having a good laugh.

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