My wife and I are constantly on the fence about getting a dog. We're both really busy people and understand what a commitment it is to own. So, it seems one of us is always on the Bangor Humane Society website scoping out the sweet puppers.

As I was having a glance at their Facebook page last night, I happened to notice they're in big, big need of bedding for their kennels. They're asking for new or gently used blankets and sheets, etc. for all those fluffy, cute, waiting-to-be-adopted hunks of love and affection. Here is their post:

In reality, I'm an oddly sensitive guy. I look like I should be a big angry grumpy-pants, but I'm actually just a big softy. So I know that when I see the puppies and kitties need something as simple as some fresh bedding, I have to stop myself from going home and emptying our entire linen closet into the back of the car.

Maybe you feel the same way. If you do, maybe split the difference and just throw half of it in the back of the car. And they make it super easy to donate. I'll even help you out with directions right here. Stop by when they're open, stop by when they're matter.  Just stop by, bub.


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