This is from yesterday, when Sarah and I were sitting around with our fingers in our noses trying to pass the time, waiting for the internet that never came.....Enjoy!

So….here we are. At work. No internet. The week before last, I put together a survival guide for handling Facebook being glitchy. But today, I feel like it’s the Wild West in here. Our internet has been down for hours now, and we’re all walking around the office like zombies with no hope left in the universe. So it definitely begs the question… It’s bad enough when Facebook goes wonky, but what in the world do you do when the whole internet just goes ka-blooey?!?!

So far, I think we’ve tried every little normal trick for entertaining ourselves. I mean, let’s face it, with no internet, how can we get any real work done? We can’t leave, and we can only get to the web via our smart phones. I’m feeling like I’m disconnected from the whole world. Haha. Pathetic I know. So, here’s some things we can all do to entertain ourselves.

  • Pull a fire drill
  • Make a senseless workplace instructional video
  • Deep clean your desk/keyboard
  • Send inappropriate photos to your spouse/partner
  • Put tape on the bottom of everyone’s mouse
  • Create original Mad Libs about your boss
  • Go through people’s desks looking for snacks
  • Call your significant other to complain about not having internet
  • Clean your fingernails
  • Start a wicked game of Hang Man

I mean, I suppose if you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean. But unless someone is giving you the stink eye to get some things done, use this list to find something to do. And always keep it handy in case the internet goes out on another occasion. After all….one can only work so hard.


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