All the discussion about the new building being built in the Brewer Hannaford parking lot started me thinking about the much bigger building that used to be there.

Actually, I think it sat a little behind where that new little building is being built, although I'm not sure. Looking at the lot now, it's like the building was erased by special effects and it's hard to remember exactly how it could have fit in that space. It was a large building with a carpeted set of stairs, leading up to a lobby. Now that I think about it, I think it was a red carpet. The whole lobby was glass, so you could watch all the goings-on in the parking lot, but there were no other windows in the building. It turned the view from the lobby into a reality show, of sorts. I'd stand for hours, watching people come and go.

I worked there for several years, and remember it fondly. When it was first built, it had two large rooms off the lobby but, by the time I worked there, they had split those two rooms into four. It was kind of like turning a duplex into a multiplex. But the atmosphere never changed, as the air was filled with the smell of hot popcorn and sugary treats.

Figured it out yet?

Yup, it was the old Brewer Cinemas. I saw so many movies there, including Jaws, all the original Star Wars movies, Halloween, and more. I can still see that old lobby, with the circular white concession counter, every time I smell corn popping.

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