WhitePages.com is a pretty cool resource to figure out what the most common last names are in a certain area. We thought it would be interesting to find out what the least-unique last names are here in Maine, and we even found out how many people have each name here in Maine.

Almost 17,000 people in Maine have the same last name, and about 73,000 Mainers have one of the top 10 most common names. Are you on this list?

  • 10


    4,754 Mainers have this last name.

  • 9


    Almost 5,000 people in Maine have this last name. 4,986 in 2016.

  • 8


    Just about 5,000 people have this last name in Maine. In 2016, 4,998 people in Maine were named Jones.

  • 7


    5,521 people in Maine have the last name White.

  • 6


    5,552 people in Maine had the last name Clark in 2016.

  • 5


    Just about 5,700 people were named Martin here in Maine in 2016. At the end of the year, 5,705 people had this last name.

  • 4


    A big jump between #5 and #4. 6,920 people here in Maine were named Davis in 2016.

  • 3


    Everyone knows a Johnson, right? There were 8,037 people in Maine with this last name last year.

  • 2


    "Paging Josh Brown!" *three hundred people answer*

    The second most-popular last name in Maine last year was Brown, with 10,350 people.

  • 1


    No surprise here! Smith is one of the most popular names in the United States, and 16,913 people in Maine had that last name in 2016. And to put this in perspective, 417 Maine towns have a population less than 16,913.

    16,913 is 0.013% of the total population of Maine, which is a little over 1.33 million people.

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