You can't do summah in Maine without OOB, bub!

Everyone knows Palace Playland, it's the seasonal amusement park located in Old Orchard Beach that has been at the same site since 1902, when I assume men and women wore one-piece bathing suits and the guys had long handlebar mustaches.

Luckily, the times have changed, but Palace Playland is still there right by the water for kids of all ages to enjoy, so why not have our favorite Maine goobers stop by to kick off the summer season.

There really is nothing like an OOB trip. I always enjoy strolling down the boardwalk, or the pier, having a cold one at a watering hole right on the beach, and hitting Palace Playland are all a must when you head that way during the summer months.

Troy and Mark, have a Facebook page and YouTube channel, called "Welcome To Maine" that pokes fun all the things that make the state of Maine so unique to the rest of the country. They have covered it all, from red snapper hot dogs, fiddleheads, pesky ticks, Italian sandwiches, Stephen King's house, and Paul Bunyan.

In reality, it turns out that Tory and Mark are actually comedians, James Theberge and Ian Stuart. You can see them perform on The Maine Comedy All-Stars shows, and at various places across the state.

If you get a kick out of these guys, they now have merch to buy! You can now purchase Welcome to Maine merchandise online from shirts to hoodies to coffee mugs.

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