AhoOoOoO! It's time for another edition of Weekends With Wolfey!

Lots going on this weekend! Check out the video above for the latest live entertainment going on in Downtown Bangor, and if that's not enough, here's the rest of the list!


  • Downunder - Maximum Karaoke
  • Nocturnem - DJ Thom Cosgrove
  • Hollywood Casino - Tyler Healy Band
  • Paddy's - Koostix
  • Sea Dog - Paige Bacon
  • Pour House - No Warning
  • High Tide - Ian Black Band
  • The Boomhouse - Mike Rodrigue
  • Chummies - Acoustic Night with Mark Bluesboy, John Wixon, and Daniel Pelt


  • Paddy's - Sam Shain and the Scolded Dogs
  • Downunder - Tickle
  • Nocturnem - Dave Mello
  • Pour House - No Warning
  • Hollywood Casino - Lucie & the Undercover Band
  • Sea Dog - The Fox & The Hound Band
  • Chummies - Jam Company

If your bar or club would like to be considered for Weekends with Wolfey, email wolfey@townsquaremedia.com.

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