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One website focused on Mainers is helping people through the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in a community-based way. is a resource center created by Maine People's Alliance, a social welfare organization, to share ways that Mainers can volunteer their time or contribute funds for those in need as well as find assistance for those in need, such as transportation, food or financial assistance.

Maine People's Alliance has transitioned it's organizing resources to help during this time of crisis due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and has set up ways for you to donate to a community fund that "will be used to help Mainers whose households are facing economic crisis due to employers closing or needing to stay home from work to care for children while schools are closed".

The website also allows for those in need to fill out a form and have volunteers help you in finding resources to help deliver items, connect you with government resources, assist in financial needs as well as advocate for Mainers with lawmakers during this time.

If you are looking to volunteer, you can fill out a form that connects you with their volunteer resources to help out your area by delivering goods and generate solutions for your community's needs.

For more information and apply, check out the MainersTogether website.

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