Once again, it's the weekend we've all been waiting!  The Cornville 10-Mile-Yardsale is this weekend where Mainer's go to extreme measures to paw through other's items to find the perfect yard sale find.It's the unofficial start of yard sale season here in Maine and we have a mission for you!


We want to see the items being seen in the elusive, quiet Cornville.  If you plan on heading to the 10 Mile Yard Sale this weekend, send us photos of the weirdest, wildest things you found at the event.

We'll be compiling a gallery of the craziest stuff you guys find.

Send your pictures through the Z107.3 App, through our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

As many of you know, the Z Morning Show has a special affinity to Cornville, Maine.   It all started when Kid and Sarah would read off the school cancellations for storm days earlier this year.  After repeatedly mentioning that a Cornville school would be closing we wondered where exactly Cornville was because we had never heard of it.

Here's a little more history where Sarah travels to the elusive Mid-Maine town of Cornville:


Let's have fun and enjoy a beautiful weekend in lovely Cornville, Z listeners!

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