If you were dreaming of a white Christmas in Maine, News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson has got some bad news for you. After an above normal amount of snowfall early in the season, we're about to watch a good chunk of what's on the ground melt as we hit a warming trend with some heavy rain.

With temperatures on Friday and into Saturday predicted to be in the 50s and rainfall amounts of 2 inches or more, the snow doesn't stand a chance.

Check out this video that Keith posted on his Facebook page today showing what the models are predicting for the melting of the snow on the ground.

Along the coast the snow is gone and less than an inch remains for the rest of the state. The only spark of hope for a white Christmas is a few snowflakes possible on Christmas Eve, but it doesn't appear like it will amount to anything.

So, keep dreaming. You might want to put your order in on Amazon now for a couple of cases of instant snow to make sure it's here for your yard in time for Christmas morning.


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