The New England Patriots should sign this guy!

Sometimes when you are working behind a bar, things can get really crazy, especially when you have a big crowd of people to wait on, who are all thirsty for adult beverages.

A bartender named Josh, who works at High Tide Seafood Restaurant in Brewer, defined the term "multi-tasking" the other day, and luckily for us, it was all caught on the magic of the security cameras. By the way, these are the same cameras that caught the woman who dined and dashed about a month ago, when she snuck out of an open deck, while her server got stiffed when she failed to pay the check.

When Josh was rounding the corner of the bar to bring a frosty mug of beer to a customer, the bartender accidentally knocks over a giant bottle of Parton tequila, which he somehow manages to catch with one hand, while the brew was in the other. Pretty impressive. He spilled a small amount of the beer, but he was rewarded with a hearty round of applause from everyone who saw it all go down live. Hopefully, Josh made some nice tips on that shift.

Naturally, the curiosity got to me, so I looked up some videos of bartenders who weren't quite as lucky as Josh. In other words, these are epic bartender FAILS! All of these would make TV host, Jon Taffer from the show Bar Rescue blow a gasket.

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