A shout out to the 207!

A rap video all about our beloved state called "Made In Maine" has been uploaded to YouTube by rapper, dancer, actress and Brewer High School graduate Rachel Caron.

The video was filmed in and around Bangor, and features Paddy Murphy's, Whoopie Pie Cafe, the Bangor Waterfront and, of course, Marden's, among other area landmarks.

In this tongue-and-cheek look at stereotypes about Mainers, Caron and her full-flanneled, lobster-loving friends also play a lot of beer pong, hang outside Stephen King's house and have a wicked snowball fight.

Watch for cameos from Maine rapper Spose and the Marden's Lady, Birdie Googins. You'll see a lot of familiar faces. We did!

After you watch the video above, you also can check out Caron's videos for "Deez Chains" and "That's a Wrap (Hold The Onions)."

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