Man, oh man are we wicked pumped for a whole new season of Maine Cabin Masters. It's not that we mind watching past episodes over again. That has absolutely been a favorite thing to do in our house while we anxiously await the premiere of Season 6.

It is one of our top 3 pandemic pastimes along with consumption of local craft brews, trips to Hanny's and fierce battles of playing Uno.

I tell ya what, it doesn't hurt one bit to be transported to enchanting lakeside locations by this fun loving cast on our TV screen while we do our best to make it through another Maine winter. Seeing all that summer beauty reminds us to hang in there. It's only about 4 months until Memorial Day weekend. Sigh.

We are always thrilled to watch the MCM team successfully transform beat, old cabins into gorgeous new family retreats. The 'Before' and 'After' metamorphosis blows our minds every time.  It's likely that there are plenty of viewers in other states dreaming of having a summer place in Maine someday.

With all the anticipation for the first episode of Season 6 starting on Monday night February, you're damn right we want to see this 4 minute preview of what we can look forward to. Watch till the end for some outtake flubs from Ashley.

If you are new to Maine Cabin Masters, here's a quick background.

The show stars Chase Morrill (The Boss), his sister Ashley Eldridge (The Designer), her husband Ryan Eldridge (The Voice Of Reason) along with Jedi and Dixie (Can Handle Any Job You Throw At 'Em).

They are all dyed-in-the-wool, dog-loving Mainers just like us and they are the best of friends. All of them have beards, except for Ashley.

The Maine Cabin Masters expertly renovate Maine cabins into amazing new leisurely living spaces. They always have a blast doing it. It is so great to see the Maine work ethic and play ethic represented so authentically on national television.

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