Our TV screens are about to get way more fun now that we have the official news that Season 6 of "Maine Cabin Masters" is set to begin in just two weeks on DIY Network.

We've been binge watching the previous episodes on Discovery+ at our house to get us all psyched up. If we can't watch a new one yet, the ones we've seen already are always entertaining.

The playful way they interact while making sure to get the job done is an attitude us other rugged Mainers can surely relate to.

The down-to-earth stars of the show are always keeping it real, and that's probably what has helped make so likable with viewers all over the country.

If you are new to Maine Cabin Masters, here's a quick background.

The show stars Chase Morrill (The Boss), his sister Ashley Eldridge (The Designer), her husband Ryan Eldridge (The Voice Of Reason) along with Jedi and Dixie (Can Handle Any Job You Throw At 'Em).

They are all dyed-in-the-wool, dog-loving Mainers just like us and they are the best of friends. All of them have beards, except for Ashley.

The Maine Cabin Masters expertly renovate Maine cabins into amazing new leisurely living spaces. They always have a blast doing it. It is so great to see the Maine work ethic and play ethic represented so authentically on national television.

They absolutely make us even prouder and prouder to live here, every time we watch.

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