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A TikTok user named haley.grantt posted a video of something that looks incredibly painful…pulling a tick from your eyelashes!

The clip titled "Living in Maine is fun until:" is just 14 seconds long, but it will make you squirm a little, although the girl in the video was pretty cool, calm, and collected. She handled it like a pro.

She even had a sense of humor about it, nicknaming the tick “Larry.”

Let’s face it, ticks are a huge pain in the rear end, for multiple reasons, so here are a few things you should know

How long is tick season in Maine?

Nymphal ticks, active from about May-July, are most responsible for human cases of Lyme disease.

Adult ticks, also able to transmit infection, are active October-December and again from April-June.

How can you prevent them?

LL Bean posted a video with some very handy tips.

She had quite a bit of sympathy from the comment section of the video

ricky peepee

I would have to go to the ER. And they would HAVE to sedate me.

Lacey Eggersdorfer
what anxiety meds are you on.... because I need that kind

marissa lima
actually props to her bc this is my worst nightmare

How was she so calm about it???

Id have smashed my face into the mirror over and over and over until I was unconscious without a thought to get it out calmly

Imagine how some people stumble onto a tick nest and get covered in them. This is why is dangerous to cuddle your dogs in bed

Summer is officially here! Have fun, but be safe out there!!

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