Christmas has come and gone, and you may be wondering what to do with your tree.

Lucky for you, there's a bunch of farms and people looking to give those trees away to their goats as a tasty treat.

Apparently, they're a great snack to have. Who knew?

Just make sure your trees are clean and ready to go for the goats. That means make sure you're not giving them any ornaments or hooks. And definitely don't give any that have tinsel or have been sprayed either.

Here's a list of just a few of locations that are accepting your trees for their goats:

Leary Farm, Inc. - 269 Flag Pond Road, Saco

This farm has got goats that are eager to munch at your Christmas trees. You just have to contact them to let them know when you want to bring them.

Ruckus Goat Scaping - 4 Rust Road, Gorham

The goats are eagerly awaiting your trees here. Just go ahead and drop them off.

Mudpuppy Farm - 172 Church Road, Bucksport

Make sure your trees are untreated and tinsel free before dropping them off. Just contact the farm to set up a drop off, and you cold even meet the goats enjoying your tasty tree.

Blue Tin Farm - 283 Cross Point Road, Edgecomb

The trees being accepted must be chemical free and not sprayed. And of course, make sure all your decorations, hooks, etc., are off. The goats don't want to eat those!

A Few MORE Acres Farm - 753 Bowerbank Road, Bowerbank

Contact this farm to set up when you can donate your tree. Of course, only trees that have no chemicals, tinsel or spray will be accepted.

Pastors Produce - 382 Dunham Road, Vassalboro

No spray or tinsel-covered trees will be accepted, but otherwise drop it off at the end of the driveway. And if you're local, they may even come pick it up.

Appleton Creamery - 780 Gurneytown Rd, Appleton

Clean trees only. No spray or tinsel. If your tree doesn't have those things, bring it on by for the goats to eat.

Eden Farm - 240 & 242 Brighton Road, Athens

This farm wants trees for the goats and cows to eat. No spray trees or tinsel. Make sure to contact them when you drop it off so they know to get it.

Four Hearts Farm13 Bradburn Road, Waterboro

Lose the decorations and bring the tree on down. If you got a tree from a box store, you're out of luck as the chemicals could hurt the goats.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of places to to get rid of your Christmas trees. Give your local farm a call and see if they are accepting tree donations. There may be even more Maine goats out there waiting for a tree dinner from you.

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