After a 20-year run, one local business owner is ready to move on

Mark Greenleaf, has been the owner of Carolina's Sports & Spirits, for 20 years, but in a recent Facebook post, he let all of his customers (and potential buyers) know that he is set to step down, and sell the Bangor watering hole.

The location at 16 Union Street, has been a nightlife destination for years. It was previously open as "The Waterfront" and "Legends", before Greenleaf bought the business.

In the past 20 years, they have made several upgrades to the bar, including a heated outdoor area, used for live music.

Greenleaf has promised that not much will change when ownership eventually changes hands, because he wants the spirit and vibe of Carolina's to continue on, once he finally finds a buyer.

The asking price is $599,000, but that is just for the business, not the real estate. Also, they buyer will have to sign an NDA, to as he states "keep the tire kickers away"

Any interested parties can contact, Tim Schuck, from Next Home Experience in Bangor, at 207-356-1211.

Lots of old & new customers weighed in with their thoughts on Mark Greenleaf deciding to sell:

Christine Nichols
Wow! Huge part of my partying times whenever I tell a funny story it normally starts with “so we were at Carolinas” good luck Mark

Stephen M. Lovell Jr.
I remember working with you at the Bangor Lumberjacks around 2002, and then you bought Carolina’s. Been a great run for you!!!

Kailee Nickerson
Happy for you Mark but I will have to also say sad I have fond memories there with you all!
Not sure what the future holds for you but I’m sure I speak for most in saying we just want to see you happy! And I don’t blame you…time for you to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about the bar!

Cory Shaw
Best of Luck on the next adventure, Mark! Many memories had! Will always be home for me!

Amelia Armstrong
I'm happy for you Mark; you've entertained many people for lots of years!

Bronc O'Bernier
Wow! I have really mixed emotions reading this. Many excellent memories that will last a lifetime but also understand it’s been a grind. Glad I got one last ride in October.
I wish you best of luck in your next chapter, Mark.

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