The Big Dance begins this Thrusday!

As a sports fan, this is the one of the most excting times of the year. The NBA and NHL are gearing up for the playoffs, baseabll is about to begin, and maybe the most thriling of all yearly events is about to start, the NCAA Men's Bsketball Tournament, gets cranked up this Thursday, at noon.

Fun fact: The nickname “The Big Dance” apparently comes from Marquette basketball coach Al McGuire, who explained to a reporter in 1977 that “you gotta wear the blue blazer when you go to the big dance.” And wear a bright blue blazer he did, all through Marquette's winning season.

Whether you are a casual fan, or a die hard, there are plenty of spots to watch the games, right here in the Bangor area, so get your foam finger ready, grab a cold one, and enjoy all the action!

9 Bangor Spots To Get Your 'March Madness' On

The fun starts this Thursday!

Gallery Credit: Arlen Jameson

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