It's always been against the law to walk on railroad tracks, but now it will be enforced on the Onawa Trestle.

This was shared on Facebook by a friend of a friend yesterday. The post came from Moosehead Lake News & Information’s Facebook page.

“ Walking on Rail Road tracks is trespassing and always has been illegal, but now it’ s going to be enforced. If you were thinking of walking on the Onawa Trestle, I had a short discussion with an officer. Walking the Onawa Trestle is a thing of the past. Warnings at first, then ticket will be issued."

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The Onawa Trestle is the longest in the state of Maine at 1,230 feet long. And also the tallest in the state at 130 feet, above Ship Pond Stream near Lake Onawa in Piscataquis County. To say it’s a tourist attraction is an understatement. To say it’s absolutely beautiful may be an understatement as well.

Take a look:

Here's some background info and some dramatic photos of this gorgeous Maine treasure.

Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media
Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media

But here’s the law about walking on or beside railroad tracks.

If indeed, like someone posted on Facebook that someone was bungee jumping is true, well, shame on you. This is why we can't have nice things.  And I know there is a law, but couldn't there be some sort of schedule set up. The trains would get their time frames, and the public would get a few hours of a window to walk this spectacle when there would be no chance of a train using the trestle. Just asking, for a friend.

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