A zombie slayer and professional zombie will be in Bangor this weekend!

Talk nerdy to me! BangPop Comic Con is set for this weekend at the Cross Insurance Center. BangPop features events for fans of horror, TV, comics, movies, games, sci-fi, fantasy or, of course, superhero.

AMC Youtube
AMC Youtube

Zombie fans can meet two stars from the AMC show 'The Walking Dead!' Theodus Crane and Gregory French will host a panel at 2PM on Sunday. Crane has played minor rolls in other TV shows including 'Breakout Kings.' In the 'Walking Dead,' Crane played one of the prisoners in season three. Unfortunately Big Tiny didn't survive too long after being freed by Daryl and Rick.

Gregory French has portrayed over 20 walkers in season three and four. My favorite was the gas mask walker, in season three, episode one. That walker was creepy, and gross! The Gas mask zombie has also been turned into an action figure! He's also played small uncredited rolls in 'The vampire Diaries,' 'Sleepy Hollow,' 'Under the Dome' and 'We're the Millers.'

Weekend tickets to BangPop are $30, available online.

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