It's not easy moving to Maine in the winter but these Californians have braved the trip for a new phase in their lives- in their tiny house.

With the upcoming addition to their family, the Tiny House Family have decided to move to Maine to live a life that includes more outdoor space and more family support.

The latest vlog has this family winterizing their tiny home and explaining why they decided to move away from San Francisco to Bangor:

Moving to Maine, winterizing our tiny house , and big updates. Oh my! We're back! After a crazy busy year, we moved from San Francisco, CA to Bangor, Maine in our tiny house in preparation for baby number two. It's a while since we've had a chance to put up a vlog. So tune in for updates!

In the video you can recognize certain spots that our vlogger is traversing in Bangor including scenes of Broadway, including Gifford's Ice Cream on the left.

Credit: Tiny House Family via YouTube
Credit: Tiny House Family via YouTube

The family has been making videos for about a year, documenting their adventures on the west coast in their tiny home while learning how to live off the grid and building on the tiny home community.

Welcome to Bangor Tiny House Family!  We can not wait to see what kind of adventures this growing family will have in our community!

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