Screenshot of video John Birmingham via Facebook
Screenshot of video John Birmingham via Facebook

An Old Town resident posted a video of a turtle on Pushaw Lake in what looks like in the act of preparing a nest to lay eggs.

The video shows a turtle on the rocky ground above a hole and kicking inside the hole.  You can assume that this turtle is preparing her nest to lay eggs inside the hole to protect her soon-to-be baby turtles.

Here's great video of what laying the eggs and covering the nest looks like:

And, this is definately not from around her but now we get to watch baby turtles!  Enjoy!

According to Hirundo Wildlife Refuge's website, there are 8 native species of turtles in Maine with the most common being the Eastern Painted turtle, the Midland Painted turtle, Northern Snapping turtle, and the Musk turtle.  Check out more information on their website.

Any ideas on what type of turtle it could be?

Turtle sightings aren't unusual in Maine but it is unusual to see them nesting.  Here's a giant turtle sunbathing in Bucksfield a few weeks ago:

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