Let's time warp to 1989 and take a drive through Downtown Bangor.  Shots of past Downtown businesses can be seen in the video including the Bangor Auditorium, The Bagel shop (on the corner of main and Hammond Street), and LaVerdieres Drug Store.

It's so '80s- from the grain of the video, to the clothes and the cars.

But the graffiti is timeless (AC/DC does rule).  Be warned there is some salty language in the graffiti in the video.

The video was filmed by a student from a New England School of Broadcasting student, now New England School of Communications a part of Husson University.

This seems to be an exercise in camera work as well but the Downtown tour starts around 1:29.

Sadie Flood posted the video to YouTube on Saturday with the following description:

One of many short projects we did in the late 80s at the New England School of Broadcasting (Now NesCom) . I have no idea what this project was supposed to be. Nature video? Music Video? Riding around with a camera sticking out the window Video? I think at this point I had pretty given up on passing video production. It originally had GnR's "Paradise City" on it, but I replaced it to avoid the copyright ding. Seriously no idea.

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