As you drive throughout the state of Maine, whether it be on the highway or the backroads, you'll see plenty of signs warning about potential deer and moose crossing the road. Collisions with deer and moose can be deadly, both for the animal as well as the driver. Those signs are there to heighten your alertness and are vital to limiting accidents with animals. Unfortunately for a driver on the Maine Turnpike, there was no warning to the horrifying incident that took place near Exit 19 in Wells when they came face to face with a bald eagle on the road.


Shared on Reddit by Meat_Boye, the video is short and shows the unfortunate collision between a driver and a bald eagle on the highway. it appears that the bald eagle got caught in a draft on a very gusty day. The eagle ended up low near the road and based on the video, there was simply nothing the driver could do to avoid the collision with the majestic bird.

If you can handle rewatching the video, you'll noticed the driver swerves between two lanes in an attempt to avoid the bald eagle. Despite the ugly ending for the bald eagle, this collision could have been much worse for the driver and/or other drivers had the highway been more congested at that very moment.

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