Labor Day Weekend

The long Labor Day weekend is a sure sign that summer is officially over. All the flatlanders/people from away/out of staters/tourists are heading home. The vast majority going through the York Toll.

If you're heading south on Sunday expect a lot of traffic and also, keep your eyes out for a moose.

Toll Moose

Sure, there's always a chance you'll run into a moose on the turnpike. (Literally or figuratively.) But this Sunday at the York Toll you'll see Miles of the Maine Turnpike Authority.

Miles is the official usher out of the state and he'll be there with goodies to share to help get you where you're going with one last Maine souvenir, a bottle of Poland Spring water, and the unofficial state dessert, a whoopie pie from Wicked Whoopies.

Until Next Time

If you're traveling this weekend, stay safe, keep your eyes out for moose and other hazards, buckle up, and for us locals, take a breather before the leaf peepers arrive!

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