A Padre's fan caught a foul ball in her beer on Tuesday, much to the delight of fellow fans and the announcers.  The game's focus quickly turned to her as she raised the beer and baseball filled cup high above her head and laughing in amusement for several moments as fans cheered her.

After a hearty applause, the young lady does what any baseball fan and beer drinker would think would come next and chugged the cup of beer until it was gone.

Check out her and her friends' reaction as this amazing feat took place:

It must have been quite surprising to the that Padre's fan, but many a baseball fan have had this opportunity.  Nonetheless, it always seems quite hilarious and surprising.  But my favorite part is when they take it as a challenge to drink the rest of their beer.  The key is to be as nonchalant about it as possible.

Check out other videos of baseball fans catching foul balls with the beer and taking on the tradition of finishing your beer after the incredible catch.

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