A Bangor-area resident was surprised by this sight right in the bustling streets of Brewer last week.

A video of a bald eagle with road kill was caught by Mostafa Elfman who saw the majestic bird hopping on the edge of a road in the middle of the day showing off it's next meal.

The video was captured near the intersection of Chamberlain Street and Washington Street last week.  You can see a large size of the matured Bald Eagle, comparing it to the snow banks around it and the height of the telephone poll in the background.

It skipped around a bit with it's hefty lunch watching cautiously as the car drove by but, seemed unfazed by the vehicle as it passed by.

The video was shared to the Maine Wildlife Group which garnered a lot of conversation and reactions.

Here's the video of a bald eagle caught in Brewer last week.


According to an app from arcgis.com, Maine has over 750 nesting pairs of bald eagles in the state.  An app shows data from 2018 of areal information gathered of where bald eagles have nested in the State of Maine, including breeding pairs located in Veazie, Bangor, Orrington, Orono, Eddington, Bradley, Hampden and Hermon, many along the Penobscot River and various water areas in the Bangor area. This makes sense since they are primarily fish eaters.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service just recently reported that research done in 2019 and published in December 2020 that there has an incredible population increase in bald eagle populations in the United States, seeing 4.4 times as many eagles as last researched in 2009.

It is estimated that the United States currently has 316,700 bald eagles.  In 1973, the Bald Eagle was declared an endangered species in the United States.  With newly enacted laws and increased protection, the Bald Eagle was taken off of the Endangered and Threatened Species list in 2007.

And now, we see them walking around the streets of Brewer.  I think this proves an incredible success story for America's most beloved icon and animal.

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