We started playing a song by Lil Nas X called "Old Town Road" recently. And while the song has had a bit of a controversial rise on first the Country charts (only to be deemed not country enough and kicked off) and now the Pop charts, there's no denying its a catchy tune. And it doesn't take long for popular tunes to get the cover treatment by everyone and their mother! But that's kind of a fun thing, in my humble opinion; finding new interpretations of songs.

Anyone familiar with the Canadian group Walk Off The Earth knows these guys take covers to a whole other level. They hit the scene a few years back with their cover of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know' (done with 5 people on one guitar!) and have been putting their unique spin on songs done by everyone from Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Adele, to The Chainsmokers, Bruno Mars and LMFAO. They always use interesting materials or instruments in unusual ways to get these amazing sounds. And I have often found that I like their covers almost as much (if not more) than the originals!

So here's their take on 'Old Town Road' from Lil Nas X (and Billy Ray Cyrus)--done on bells, of all things! I threw some of their other covers in the mix, as well. Enjoy this little rabbit hole I've created for you today!


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