If you happened to be one of the few folks, like myself, that Bangor Public Works missed during the fall leaf clean up, you're super psyched that they'll be coming around soon to finally pick those piles up! (Mine have been extra insulation for this winter's snowbanks, and a pain in the rear when it came to storm clean-up efforts!) I CANNOT WAIT!

According to the City of Bangor's Facebook Page "Public Works crews will collect leaves, brush, and metal items curbside throughout the city as part of Spring Cleanup. Please note that ALL items must be placed curbside no later than 6:30am on Monday, April 29, 2019. Items placed curbside later than the cutoff date may not be picked up!"


They go on to explain that loose leaved and brush should be in two separate piles, and raked to the edge of the road where road crews can more easily collect them with their equipment.

"Brush can also be brought to the Public Works Yard at 530 Maine Avenue any day during daylight hours."

While they say they will also collect metal items, they will not collect things that contain freon, or any electronic devices like televisions or computers.


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