One of the four vacant buildings that once was home to big-box stores in Bangor will be torn down.

In 2009 Circuit City in Bangor closed its doors. The closing of the Bangor location was due to what the company said was financial climate at the time. Over the years the vacant building was seasonally used to house Spirit Halloween, before it moved to Brewer in 2013.

Tanya Emery, Bangor's economic development director, confirmed to WABI that Circuit City submitted a permit for the demolition of the building off Stillwater Ave.

The owners now have six months to start tearing it down.

Other buildings in the mall area left vacant by big-box stores include Bed Bath and Beyond, K-Mart and Macy's.

Kid and Sabrina asked listeners what should accupy the empty Macy's location. Hooters, an IMAX theatre, a zombie outbreak experience, IKEA, and even bringing back Barnaby's were mentioned. Our personal favorite was having The Z Morning Show have their own special studio there. Yes, please!

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