Is there honestly no better celebrity (or human being, actually) than Jason Momoa?

A few weeks back, Jason had caught wind of a 7-year-old out of Boston named Danny Sheehan who is unfortunately battling a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer called pineoblastoma after a video of Danny opening gifts that had Aquaman toys inside went viral.

Danny is a massive Aquaman fan, and obviously, Jason Momoa is the guy that plays Aquaman.

Maybe most celebrities would've been like, "aw, cute!" and moved on with their day. But Jason Momoa isn't most celebrities. Actually, Jason Momoa isn't most human beings.

Because Jason ended up tracking Danny and his family down and reached out to Danny's mother, Natalie, and the two of them arranged a little FaceTime action between Jason and Danny.

First off, can we talk about the genuine smile and excitement that Jason clearly has on his face as soon as Danny connects on the FaceTime? And can we also talk about how stinkin' cute Danny is when he first connects and says, "Hi, Aquaman!" Good lord my HEART!

You would think maybe that would be it. Jason FaceTimed with Danny, they talked for a few minutes, Jason promised to bring him to London next year when (hopefully) the sequel to Aquaman is filmed, and also talked about their love of dolphins and how sometime in the future, Jason and Danny will ride some dolphins together. That's a real amazing thing on its own that Jason did.

But, Jason, being said amazing human that I've mentioned throughout this entire post that he is, still wasn't done yet. Jason orchestrated some gifts being sent to Danny (possibly for his 8th birthday, which is actually tomorrow), including a life-sized replica of his trident from Aquaman, as well as tons of Aquaman action figures and toys.

LOOK AT THE SMILE ON DANNY'S FACE. Better yet, LOOK AT HOW INTO THE TRIDENT HE IS IN THE THIRD PIC! Everything about this is just awesome. Just amazing. All the way down to the note that Jason included with the gift -- "Can't wait to ride on some dolphins with you Danny! Love, Uncle Aquaman."

UNCLE AQUAMAN! We need to get that trending. Man, the world needs more people like Jason Momoa.

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