This weekend we are definitely feeling seasonable so, grab a sweater and check out the University of Maine's deep dive into diversity exposure at this annual event.

The University of Maine is once again hosting its annual Culturefest this Saturday between 10 AM and 3 PM. It will take place outdoors this year on the mall at the University of Maine Orono campus. Hence, the sweater.

You can expect fun activities for kids as well as cultural exhibits, talent performances, and a 'style show' where multiple cultures will be represented in the activities expressed in many ways, including through dancing, singing, clothes, and artwork.

The event is designed to be outdoors this year to ensure a safer event during this time of the pandemic. It is also mentioned that there will be "plenty of ventilation" so move around the air.

Last year, the event was online, as was just about any other event that could pull off a virtual experience due to the pandemic.

The virtual experience allowed for more storytelling in different ways than seen in prior festivals. It was nice to see Culturefest adapt to the pandemic and still celebrate this fun and educational event. But this year, we can now do it in person, and that makes it just a little more intimate.

The event may still be looking for those wanting to participate in the event, whether you want to help out with the coordination of the event or help bring more culture to the event. Check out the 2021 Culturefest webpage on UMaine for more information.

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