Add Alex Cole to your list of 'Mainers to watch'...

According to the Portland Press Herald, Alex did what all struggling artists do - he crowdsourced for funds. He reached a goal to rent equipment and beyond. Because he's a Mainer, he loves and wants Maine as a backdrop.

He tells the Press Herald,

It’s about using the community around us to make the most cinematic experience we can. Maine has not shown up enough in films – I’m excited to show off Maine in my film.


Alex has chewed off a lot for his first film 'Grace'. He wrote, directed, and stars in his film about heartache that is autobiographical.

Alex got another Maine actor and filmmaker to help make his film. Cody Alexander Curtis is from Bath and has a few projects under his belt. Both of them are planning to move to New York next year. They love Maine, but you have to go to the epicenter of the business.

Alex and Cody are filming here in Maine this month. The finished film will be a short 25-minute autobiographical story inspired by real events and real life.

Alex Cole - Photo by Kelsey Kennedy
Alex Cole - Photo by Kelsey Kennedy


Anyone who has met Alex knows the kids got what it takes. That's where most of his support is coming from. He told the Press Herald,

It’s a really weird feeling to have gotten all this support from the community, especially being from a small town in Maine. I really expected we’d only hit 50 percent, or something. It just shows how the arts community in Maine might be small, but it’s very tight-knit.


Is Alex a Matt Damon or Ben Affleck in the making...but with Maine as his awesome back story? He sure could be!


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