Finn's Irish Pub is closed and looking for a buyer and found themselves in a movie instead.

If you've ever been to Finn's in Ellsworth, you might recognize the long bar in a converted train dining car.

Finn's Irish Pub Facebook
Finn's Irish Pub Facebook

The Bangor Daily News says it was the perfect setting for an adaptation of a Stephen King short story, 'One for the Road'. Film director David Jester loved that they could use the closed bar. He told the Bangor Daily News,

I was so grateful they let us film there. It has that 1930s O’Mahony dining car inside. It has a cozy feel. It was gold as a movie set. You can’t get that in most places.

'One for the Road' is the sequel to Stephen King’s novel 'Salem’s Lot.' In the movie, a family from New York is passing through Maine when they have car trouble. That's when the husband goes to get help and finds a bar and blah, blah, blah you don't sleep for a few nights after reading what happens.

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This movie is being made through something called King's Dollar Baby program. It's a program from Stephen King that lets filmmakers send proposals for only a dollar to make adaptations of his available work. If Stephen King likes the proposal, he lets them make a film no more than 45 minutes long, it can't be sold commercially, and it doesn't make a profit. It gives filmmakers a chance to pad their resumes and might lead to actual work.

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The filmmaker David Jester is a firefighter and paramedic for the Portland Fire Department, and a huge fan of Finn’s before it closed. He knew the layout and couldn't wait to use it as the backdrop to his vision for the film. The story happens in the 80s around Christmas. So it was decorated for the holiday and had a touch of creepiness because of the Stephen King story.

The final film should be about 20 minutes long and he's hoping to get it into some Maine film festivals this summer. The owners of Finn's were excited to have part of the movie in their closed bar. They are also hopeful that a buyer will scoop up the treasured bar and open it back up this summer.

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